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Asbestos-Testing-e1447194173311Asbestos occurs naturally in the environment around the world, including Central and Northern California. The term asbestos refers to several varieties of mineral fibers that are mined and processed for commercial uses around the world. Because asbestos fibers are microscopic, lightweight, and are extremely resistant to heat and chemicals, asbestos became a valued building material throughout the 1900s. It has been used extensively in insulation products and for providing fire resistance to buildings. After the late 1970s, asbestos became widely recognized as a serious health hazard. The term Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) refers to materials containing more than one percent asbestos and asbestos that is either friable (can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure), or non-friable that have become or are likely to become friable (airborne) through the use of tools, work practices, or the forces expected to act on the materials in the course of demolition or renovation operations.

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Asbestos Abatement Information

Survey Requirement: Asbestos Surveys are required prior to renovation and demolition. Asbestos must be removed prior to activities that may disturb it. All asbestos must be removed prior to demolition.

Notification Requirements: Notifications shall be postmarked ten (10) working days prior to starting any asbestos removal that is equal to, or more than 260 linear feet and/or 160 square feet or any demolition. Renovations without asbestos do not require notification. Each Notification shall be prepared as followed and include the following:

  • Hard copies of each Notification must be submitted via mail and postmarked 10 days prior to the asbestos removal.
  • Payment for each Notification must be made with the submittal. Include a copy of your payment with the Notification.
  • All Notifications must be signed by the asbestos or demolition contractor performing the removal and/or demolition job. Notifications without signature(s) will be returned.
  •  Email a copy to with a copy of your payment.

Revisions: Update the notification(s) as necessary, highlight each revision made on the notification, and email it to the District at

Emergency Notifications: These are for immediate asbestos removals due to unsafe conditions, equipment damage, unreasonable financial burden, and for Ordered Demolitions. Examples are flood, earthquake, unintentional fires, and site contamination. For emergency removals, attach a letter from the person authorizing the emergency to the Notification. For Ordered Demolitions submit the name, title, and authority of the State or local government representative who has ordered the demolition, the date that the order was issued, and the date on which the demolition was ordered to begin. A copy of this order shall be attached to the Notification.

Demolition: Is the wrecking or taking out of a load-supporting structural member of a facility, or the intentional burning of a structure. Demolitions require a prior asbestos Survey and asbestos removal. All structural Demolitions with or without asbestos require Notification. Dismantling of partitions and installation of windows and doors through load-supporting walls without asbestos is exempt from notification.

Demolition by Intentional Burning: Demolition by fire requires a prior asbestos Survey, an asbestos Notification if applicable, and submittal of a Training Burn Notification to the District.

Renovation: Is the removal, stripping, or altering of asbestos containing materials, and/or any activity involving the associated disturbance of asbestos in a facility. Renovations require an asbestos Survey, Notification(s) and removal prior to and activity that would disturb the asbestos. Remodeling or renovations without asbestos do not require Notification.

Planned Renovation Notifications (PRN)

There are two kinds of PRNs:

  1. The first kind of PRN is to notify for Nonscheduled Asbestos Removals (aka Annual Asbestos Notifications), where less than 160 square feet is removed, each time, due to equipment breakdown or maintenance requirements. Nonscheduled Asbestos Removals are expected to occur based on past experience, but no exact date can be predicted for them. These notifications account for the cumulative asbestos amounts removed from a facility in a calendar year in increments of less than 160 square feet due to nonscheduled asbestos removals. These Notifications must be submitted to the District, postmarked no later than December 17th of each year. Individual removals of more than 160 square feet require separate Notification.
  2. The second kind of PRN is to notify for a series of scheduled asbestos removals within a facility, where each removal is greater than 160 square feet. These notifications are for long-term projects and require an attachment listing the individual projects planned within the facility detailing the removal locations, contractor, dates, and asbestos amount (changes require a Revision). Planned Renovations that exceed one year in duration require annual progress reports submitted to the District, postmarked no later than December 17th of each year.

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Asbestos Fees

To view the Asbestos Fee Table, CLICK HERE.
For more information regarding asbestos-related fees, please refer to District Rule 302 - Other Fees, Section (E).

Regulations that Apply to Asbestos Demolitions/Renovations

The Asbestos National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), as specified under 40 CFR 61, Subpart M applies to asbestos removal and demolitions and is enforced locally by the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, under authority, per District Rule 1000. To view 40 CFR 61, Subpart M click here!

Any structure subject to the Asbestos NESHAP continues to be regulated under the Asbestos NESHAP even if the use or function of that structure changes. Regulated structures include government buildings, residential facilities, buildings demolished for fire training, and buildings demolished for urban renewal projects. A regulated residential facility is any building, condominium, or apartment that contains more than four dwelling units. A regulated residential facility is also a group of buildings located on the same property and managed by a common entity, even when there are fewer than four dwelling units in each building.

Asbestos Abatement Equipment Permitting:

Asbestos abatement equipment operated in the MDAQMD must be permitted prior to operation in an abatement project. Please complete the Asbestos Abatement Application Form for each piece of Abatement Equipment to be permitted, and submit to the MDAQMD with payment.

Asbestos Abatement Equipment Operating Parameters

For each commercial abatement project located greater than or equal to 30 meters (98 feet) from any residential zoning, the negative air machine(s) shall not exhaust air in which the combined total air volume (the total rated air flow of all machine(s) in cubic feet per minute multiplied by the total number of working hours involving asbestos removal will exceed the amount specified in the following table.

30 to < 35 98 to < 115 7.7
35 to < 40 115 to < 131 9.9
40 to < 45 131 to < 148 13.8
45 to < 50 148 to < 164 18.8
50 to < 55 164 to < 180 24.1
55 to < 60 180 to < 197 32. 1
60 to < 65 197 to < 213 40.8
65 to < 70 213 to < 230 51.0
70 to < 75 230 to < 246 62.8
75 to < 80 246 to < 262 76.5
80 to < 85 262 to < 279 92.2
85 to < 90 279 to < 295 110.0
90 to < 95 295 to < 312 130.0
95 to < 100 312 to < 328 153.0
100 to < 105 328 to < 344 179.0
105 to < 110 344 to < 361 217.0
IIO to < 115 361 to < 377 250.0
115 to < 120 377 to < 394 286.0
120 to < 125 394 to < 410 326.0
125 to < 130 410 to < 427 368.0
130 to < 135 427 to < 443 415.0
135 to < 140 443 to < 459 465.0
140 and greater 459 and greater 520.0

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